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Doris Nolan

Doris Nolan

Eldercare Manager

The firm's Elder Care Manager, Doris L. Nolan, CSA, is an actively engaged advocate, protecting the rights and possessions of our clients whether they live independently, in senior communities, in assisted living facilities, in nursing homes, recuperating in a hospital, or transitioning from one living environment to another. She is particularly concerned about those seniors who are incapacitated. For clients, she arranges for everything from medical services to yard work; interfaces with their accountants, attorneys, bankers, companions, dentists, family, financial planners, housekeepers, movers, nurses, physicians, Realtors, therapists, etc., whoever is needed. She coordinates the efforts of those assisting her clients.

Doris received her early education from the Revere (Mass.) Public School System and completed her formal education at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. She is a licensed Professional Guardian and holds the prestigious Certified Senior Advisor professional designation. She has been employed in personnel, managed a medical practice, assisted a restaurant chain's quality control efforts, and administered a program for foreign physicians seeking American licensure.

Over 29-years she has moved 15 times supporting her husband's FBI career. Because of her experiences living in different cultures both in the United States and abroad, she is very comfortable interfacing with people of all ages, races, social and economic conditions.  She has been married for 49 years, and is most proud of her two sons, and six grandchildren. When not engaged in Firm endeavors, she is active in her church, volunteers at a hospice, and cultivates beautiful orchids.