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Relationship Statement

For those of you that may be interested in the relationships between H. D. Vest,  First Clearing, and Paul Nolan this is a brief explanation;
Paul Nolan (Paul) (a) manages wealth, (b) gives investment advice*, (corporate stock and bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, annuities, etc.), (c) secures health, long-term care, and life insurance, (d) prepares tax returns, (e) conducts financial & estate planning, (f) counsels on trusts, Veterans benefits and/or Medicaid, and (g) helps clients understand complex financial issues. Paul and his associate David E. Barron, are both Registered Representatives of H. D. Vest Investment Services SM. While Paul is interacting with clients, about securities, insurance, taxes, financial planning, and other issues: Vest is providing back office support: FCC is keeping records and executing transactions. It's a great arrangement - that benefits all our clients.

H. D. Vest Investment Services SM (Vest), (founded in 1983), is a regulated broker/dealer that performs back offices services; certain research, trading, remote order entry, compliance, training, technological and reporting services for Paul and his clients. Vest's founder Certified Public Accountant  Herb D. Vest recognized that tax professionals (CPAs, Attorneys, CFPs and EAs), were uniquely positioned to identify their clients' investment needs and provide opportunities that best fit their overall financial goals, and welcomed Paul as a Representative. Today the company Herb founded is the nation's leader in the growing market for investment and financial planning services for the tax professional. Paul's Vest affiliation began in October 1997 and has grown into full H. D. Vest Branch status.

First Clearing, LLC (FCC) is a clearing firm that provides record keeping and operational services for Vest clients, including execution and settlement of securities transactions, custody of securities and cash balances, and execution of credit on margin transactions.

*These services are offered by Paul Nolan through his relationship with HD Vest Investment Services SM, member SIPC, HD Vest Advisory Services SM, and  their affiliation, services of First Clearing LLC.